This Robot Will Protect British People From Hooligans At Russia 2018

After all the commotion at Euro 2016, there have been concerns that Russian hooligans are going to attack British fans at the World Cup in 2018. Fortunately, that worry has been taken care of.

Meet AlanTim, a robot that, in addition to having two first names, can call the police on hooligans, use logic to reason with hooligans, anticipate conflics before they happen and even wear a bowtie.

To prove AlanTim's effectiveness, the Moscow Technical Institute made this video, in which AlanTim is shown interacting positively with a man who has tattoos.

England Are Preparing For War Against Scotland

Later this week, England will play Scotland in a World Cup qualifier/remake of Mel Gibson's hit movie Braveheart. As such, England trained with the Royal Marines in order to better prepare themselves for, uh, something. Siege engines probably.