Jose Mourinho Already In Mid-Season Jose Mourinho Form

On Monday, Romelu Lukaku showed the world that he can still do goals by doing one against Real Salt Lake, but the real story of the night was the raring, caged animal that is Jose Mourinho. The Mind Games Master was exquisite during and after the match, foretelling of a season that will either end with him winning the treble or getting sacked by December. There are no other logical outcomes.

Diego Costa, In Exuberant “Screw You!” Phase Of Chelsea Break Up, Parties In Atletico Shirt

Earlier this summer, Diego Costa broke Chelsea fans’ hearts everywhere when he confirmed that he was not in manager Antonio Conte’s plans for next season. However, according to the Brazilian/Spanish forward, the news was not relayed to him in the typical office-sit-down sort of chat. Rather, Conte reportedly told Costa his fate via text message.

The LA Galaxy's Mascot Tried To Tell Manchester United It's Called "Soccer"

Before the friendly between the LA Galaxy and Manchester United Sunday, Galaxy mascot Cozmo pulled a little joke on United during warm-ups, displaying a sign that said "IT'S CALLED SOCCER" to the Red Devils.

Arsenal Fan’s Alexandre Lacazette Tattoo Is A Real Bummer

There’s probably some moral to this story, like be careful what you wish for or think before you tweet. What matters is an Arsenal fan has a tattoo of the Gunners’ big new signing that looks more like a certain former Tottenham striker.

Less than two weeks ago, Arsenal signed Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, five days after @sxmleach tweeted he would get a tattoo of Lacazette’s face if Arsene Wenger actually managed to bring the French forward to North London

Manchester City Prove They Have More Money Than Sense With Kyle Walker Deal

Kyle Walker is the most expensive defender ever. Kyle Walker is the most expensive English player ever. Kyle Walker.

I'm sure Pep Guardiola knows what he's doing, really I am, but why on earth would he spend $65 million on English Alberto Moreno? Does Guardiola truly believe Walker is worth that price, or is he, like, trying to challenge himself?

Mertesacker Scores On Oversized Overhead Kick In Way Only A 6-6 German Can

Per Mertesacker is a giant of a soccer player. Giants aren’t known for their agility.

That didn’t stop the 6-6 German from scoring his version of an overhead kick in Arsenal’s first preseason friendly of the new season on Thursday in Sydney, Australia.

The BFG’s goal overshadowed record-signing Alexandre Lacazette’s Arsenal debut. The French striker scored, but who needs a $60 million striker when you can throw Mertesacker in at forward?