Steel City Derby Fans Show What Makes Soccer Rivalries Great

The Steel City Derby was played for the first time in more than five years as Sheffield United beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-2 on Sunday at Hillsborough behind two goals from Leon Clarke. One of the more underrated European rivalries returned to the English Championship for the first time since 2010 and the Steel City Derby fans were more than ready for the occasion. 

It's Early, But Manchester City Are On Pace To Break The EPL Scoring Record

Manchester City's offense is on fire. In their last three Premier League matches, City beat Liverpool 5-0, Watford 6-0 and Crystal Palace 5-0. They've scored 21 goals in six league matches, good for 3.5 per match. The current EPL goal record is 103, held by the 2009-2010 Chelsea squad. Manchester City are on pace for 133 goals this season.

DeAndre Yedlin Gets Ravaged For Taking A Knee During Newcastle Match

A short while after many his fellow Americans took a knee during the national anthem at Wembley Stadium, DeAndre Yedlin showed solidarity by taking a knee in the middle of Newcastle’s match against Brighton & Hove Albion south of London on Sunday. 

Tomer Hemed took exception and stamped on the back of the American’s leg.

Coutinho’s Liverpool Return As Hero Is Jamie Vardy’s Confirmation As Villain For Leicester City

Coutinho is back and thirsty for scoring. On his second EPL star of the season, he assisted Mohammed Salah with a beautiful cross for the first goal and then brilliantly scored a free-kick that sent Liverpool to a 3-2 win over Leicester City on Saturday.

After all the rumors that put him in the orbit of Barcelona, Coutinho ultimately remained in Jurgen Klopp’s side and has proven once more how important he is for Liverpool’s aspirations.

Wayne Rooney Caught An Elbow And Now He Looks Like An Anime Villain

Wayne Rooney has had an interesting season so far back at Everton. He has scored some historic goals, and gone through a historic slump with this teammates.

Now, his season has gotten even more interesting, as Rooney picked up an injury against Bournemouth that left him looking like an anime villain.

Who’s Making Greater Inroads, The EPL In America Or The NFL In Britain?

The National Football League returns to England on Sunday as the Baltimore Ravens face the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium, a now biannual feature as the league is desperate to gain British NFL fans. Meanwhile, soccer leagues across Europe are considering bringing regular-season games to the U.S.

How Pitch Dimensions Impact Different Styles Of Play

For better or worse, FIFA does not stipulate an exact size for a soccer pitch. There is, in fact, a massive range of acceptable soccer pitch dimensions, from 5,000 square yards (4,050 square meters) all the way up to 13,000 square yards (10,800 square meters). While the range is smaller for professional clubs, there is still a variance that can create quite a home-field advantage. 

Antonio Valencia's Thunderous Volley Ruined Wayne Rooney's Manchester Return. Then It Got Worse

Any thoughts Wayne Rooney had of a happy return to Manchester were ritually sacrificed by being set on fire and danced around by his former teammates.

To wit:

Antonio Valencia, who spent eight seasons as Rooney's teammate in red, welcomed his former captain back by thundering a volley past Jordan Pickford in the fourth minute.