Why Joe Hart's Torino Move Is Good For England

I have a theory as to one reason (of many) the England National Team tends to underperform in major tournaments: the players all play in the same league. Every England international plays in the Premier League. One might argue this breeds familiarity and is therefore good for the national team, but I think it leads to a lack of stylistic variety in the team and makes the payer pool stagnant. It's basically like inbreeding, is what I'm saying.

Wenger Is Out, But Who's In?

Twenty-two years after the Frenchman picked up the mantle at Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger is leaving with the grace and integrity of the proper gentleman that he is. By leaving at the end of the season, the 68-year-old leaves a power vacuum in his departure — one that Arsenal needs to fill immediately. 

During a press conference for UEFA’s Match for Solidarity, former Chelsea FC boss Carlo Ancelotti expressed his interests in running the Gunners. 

Kevin De Bruyne Just Entered The Pantheon Of Sport’s Greatest Hits

There are some hits that are just so pure, so instinctual, so well struck and so fucking powerful that they defy everything we thought we knew about sport. There was Albert Pujols’ monster home run off Brad Lidge in the 2005 NLCS that may still be in lower-Earth orbit to this day. Then there’s Matt Prater nailing a 64-yard field goal in the NFL or Andre Agassi’s ridiculous service return. And on Sunday there was this Kevin de Bruyne goal vs Swansea City.

Olivier Giroud Channeled His Inner Maradona For Vital FA Cup Semifinal Goal

Olivier Giroud is a bit of an enigma. He’s a large center forward with a meaty French forehead who is often at his best using his size and strength to score with his head — and he also scores some of the most incredible goals in the world. The Giroud goal vs Southampton for Chelsea in the FA Cup semifinals on Sunday at Wembley Stadium falls into the latter category.

Real Madrid Hooligans Fight Malaga Ultras Amidst Rise Of Fan Violence In European Football

Imagine walking side by side with nine of your closest friends on match day. Except you are not going to the stadium. You are going to meet 10 other men supporting the rival team in the forest and you are going to fight them.

While this may sound overly dramatic, it actually happened in Spain this weekend.

Ultras supporting Málaga (Costa Nostra) face Real Madrid hooligans (Ultras Sur) hours prior to the game.

This Manchester City Team Is Set To Strip Chelsea Of A Crazy Number Of Records

Manchester City are champions again after Manchester United folded like a wet blanket against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday. City has been in position for several weeks to bring home the title – earlier than almost any club in Premier League history, with five games remaining. Only Manchester United and Everton have wrapped up the title with as many games left in the season. There's little doubt that the list of Manchester City records set by the end of the season will be an impressive one.