Diary Of A Private Plane Party With Man City Ownership

The best party is the one that sneaks up on you like a Jay Rodriguez goal in the 73rd minute. West Brom 1, Man United nil. Sheikh Mansour and the rest of Man City ownership were on cloud nine.

I was on my hands and knees inside a walk-in freezer 40,000 feet above sea level, searching for a cake that never had a good chance of being consumed. 

Until Rodriguez struck, West Brom parked the bus and the stomach grumbles of UAE's dignitaries called for an ice cream cake frosted City blue. 

Real Madrid Hooligans Fight Malaga Ultras Amidst Rise Of Fan Violence In European Football

Imagine walking side by side with nine of your closest friends on match day. Except you are not going to the stadium. You are going to meet 10 other men supporting the rival team in the forest and you are going to fight them.

While this may sound overly dramatic, it actually happened in Spain this weekend.

Ultras supporting Málaga (Costa Nostra) face Real Madrid hooligans (Ultras Sur) hours prior to the game.