Nike's Classic Air Max Sneakers Serve As Inspiration For New Soccer Boots

Sunday is a highly anticipated day for sneakerheads as it marks Air Max Day 2017. The Nike Air Max line of shoes was first released in 1987, and their instantly recognizable aesthetic with a large air cushioning unit and bold colorways quickly made them popular throughout the world.

In anticipation of Air Max Day, Nike have released some Air Max inspired overhauls to their Magista, Mercurial, Hypervenom and Tiempo boots.

Alex Morgan Supports US Women's Hockey Team's Decision To Boycott World Championship

A lot of you probably don’t know about the United States women’s national ice hockey team. That’s alright, that’s your issue. A lot of you will use this ignorance to claim that, vis-a-vis, they shouldn’t be properly compensated for their work. That’s not alright. These women are entitled, by law, to equitable support from USA Hockey in compensation, equipment, meals, staffing, transportation, hotels, travel and marketing.

I Know Some Sports Stuff

The sports, they have been good this month.

The Champions League is in full swing. Every college basketball fan on the planet is issuing friendly reminders that THIS IS MARCH. Hockey is doing hockey things. Baseball is still in the background, where it belongs. American football is far enough removed from our sports consciousness that we don't constantly feel guilty for liking it.

So, sports!