Copa America

5 Soccer-Focused Dream Vacations You Can Take Over The Next 5 Years

There’s nothing wrong with spending your vacation time eating, drinking and seeing the sights. But if you want to make a vacation truly memorable, it’s always a good idea to throw a live event into the mix, and nothing beats going to a match abroad.

It’s a giant party/social event before and after the game and in between you get to watch an enthralling 90 minutes full of skill and drama. While the 2018 and 2022 World Cups are undoubtedly the biggest events on the footballing calendar in the near future, here are five more dream vacations that you could begin planning for now.

Two Years, Five Matches, One Colossal International Rivalry

Chile and Argentina will meet for the fifth time in just two years later today, but each encounter has been extremely memorable in its own right. Tonight, with both teams fighting tooth and nail for 2018 World Cup qualification, will be no different. Let’s take a look back at the previous four encounters between La Albiceleste and La Roja.

The 3 Most Notorious Curses In The World Of Soccer

Superstition is a vital part of any sport. Wherever someone is kicking a ball, shooting one or smashing it with a bat, there’s a good chance some sort of lucky charm or foul fear is at play. 

From Jason Kidd blowing kisses to the basket before shooting a free throw to Cristiano Ronaldo’s imperious stance before taking a free kick, if you look hard enough you’ll find the superstitious activity in any game.

In Memoriam 2016: What We’ve Lost In Football Over The Year

For many, 2016 will be remembered as a year of loss. For all the remarkable gains, achievements and creations that sprung from 2016, it’s often the hurt derived from defeats and casualties that reverberates most poignantly. Here are 10 things we’ve lost in football over the course of 2016. 

Claudio Suarez And Pavel Pardo Believe El Tri Are Stagnating

Mexico enter their final two games of the fourth round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying assured of their place in the fifth and final round, the ‘Hex’. However, their matches against El Salvador and Honduras will not be taken lightly by Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio, for whom they present something of a poisoned chalice. 

Two victories are expected, but any slip-up against the sides ranked 137th and 84th in the world would only magnify the hurt of Mexico’s last competitive match — that 7-0 defeat to Chile in the Copa America Centenario quarter-finals.

Luis Suarez Is King Of The Side Volley

Some great players are simply synonymous with their actions on the pitch. Andrea Pirlo is heralded as the world’s greatest direct free kick taker, Lionel Messi is unsurpassed when it comes to dribbling and Cristiano Ronaldo’s right foot is a bonafide deity. 

For Luis Suarez, his reigning domain is certainly more niche but no less impressive. No one hits a side volley quite like the Uruguayan number nine. 

How An Argentine From Messi's Hometown Caused His Consecutive Copa America Defeats

Chile is the best team in all of the Americas, of that there is no doubt. What Chile have accomplished over the last year is nothing short of remarkable, but just how did they do it? How did they survive and thrive in the tumultuous CONMEBOL and best the likes of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, twice? The answers are management, teamwork and spirit. This generation of Chilean footballers embodies everything you would want in a team, and it all started with Marcelo Bielsa.