This Commercial For The Messi Experience Park Is Definitely Something

Some takeaways from this video:

1. Messi.

2. This video definitely involves Messi.

3. The Messi Experience Park.

4. The Messi Experience Park is scheduled to open in 2020.

5. And that's it.

6. That's all there is.

7. That's all the information the video gave us.

8. We are still very much in the dark concerning the actual content of the Messi Experience Park.

Oscar Scores Ridiculous Solo Goal Because China

The level of football in China, millions of dollars spent on foreigners not withstanding, is not quite up to par with some of the top soccer leagues in the world. As evidence, may we present to you Oscar, a Brazilian midfielder who had a decent spell at Chelsea but absolutely annihilated the near non-existent defense of Guangzhou Evergrande on Saturday while playing for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese FA Cup semifinals.

Football’s Forgotten $19 Million Per Year Man Is Scoring Bangers In China

Thinking about the Chinese Super League is something like remembering Y2K, the year time turned 2,000 years old (fact). Worries built up ferociously directly before the turn of the century, but the dropping of the ball confirmed that everything would be okay.

The CSL, for a few months, seemed capable of its own global disruption, and the belief that China would simply buy anyone and everyone for exorbitant sums hit its peak when Shangong Luneng made Graziano Pelle the fifth-highest paid footballer on the planet in 2016.

Europe Doesn't Need To Fear The CSL, But The NHL Does

In recent years, the top division in China has slowly become a new locus of appealing, high-octane soccer. Some of this has to do with the big name stars the league has drawn in like Carlos Tevez, Alexandre Pato, Ricardo Carvahlo and a host of others. 

However, in the past couple weeks, it seems a different pattern is getting all the attention — the bizarre displays of violence and aggression that have unfolded on the field.