Chelsea Fans Found Guilty Of Racism Claim They Aren't Racists

Four Chelsea supporters, despite claiming they aren't racists, have been found to be racists by a court in France after throwing a black man out of a Paris metro car, according to the BBC.

The men who claimed they aren't racists could be heard yelling "we are racist, we are racist, and that's the way we like it" in a video taken of the scene.

All four men were given one-year suspended prison sentences and ordered to pay their victim 10,000 Euros.

John Obi Mikel’s Looming Transfer Is Cause For Celebration

‘Member John Obi Mikel? The 29-year-old defensive midfielder has been on the books at Chelsea for 11 years now, but he’s yet to make an appearance in the 2016-17 season. In the previous three seasons, Mikel made a respectable 67 appearances for the Blues, but the length of those appearances averaged only 52 minutes.

Seeing Mikel appear next to the fourth official became the equivalent of popping a bottle of champagne for Chelsea supporters — if Mikel was coming on, victory was all but assured.