Fergie Should Sing The Champions League Song At The Champions League Final

The powers that be in the National Basketball Association apparently decided that the annual All-Star Game and surrounding weekend activities were not Fergalicious enough for their liking. So, they enlisted Fergie (of Black-Eyed Peas fame, not of Manchester United fame) to sing The Star-Spangled Banner prior to Sunday's game.

It went . . . interestingly.

Julie Ertz's Husband Won The Super Bowl

For those of you who only care about sports in which one is not allowed to use one's hands, the Super Bowl was played Sunday. The Philadelphia Eagles won, which is noteworthy only because the Eagles' starting tight end, Zach Ertz, is the husband of USWNT and Chicago Red Stars midfielder Julie Ertz.

You can see how hyped Julie Ertz was for the game here, as she's shown doing the "fly, Eagles, fly" motion.

"Yago Pikachu" Is The Name Of A Professional Soccer Player

There is a soccer player named Yago Pikachu. We found this out and didn't know exactly what to do with this information so we are depositing it here.

(It turns out "Pikachu" is a nickname. For the rest of the article, let us joyously pretend this is not the case.)

Pikachu plays right back for Brazilian club Vasco da Gama, which is no stranger to incredible names (Vasco's all-time leading scorer is Roberto Dinamite). Pikachu made his Copa Libertadores debut on Wednesday. Vasco da Gama beat Universidad de Concepcion 4-0. 

Julie Ertz Scores USWNT Game-Winner, Reacts To News Of Husband’s Trip To Super Bowl

On Sunday night, sporting power couple Zach and Julie Ertz were both in action — Zach with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game and Julie with the USWNT in a friendly against Denmark. With the NFL game kicking off at 6:40 p.m. ET and the women’s match beginning at 7:30, the two went about their business without knowing what was transpiring across the country.

2018's Most Anticipated Film Gets The Loosely Based Soccer Treatment

If you’re in the know — a filmophile of sorts — you’ll be aware of the fever gripping the planet, a fever that’s only cured by a heavy dose of nostalgia. We need to ‘member childhood. We need to travel to a long time ago and a place far away. We need to see the forces of good and evil locked in a timeless battle while we veg out in a CGI-induced state of classical conditioning.

And so everyone is losing their collective shit over the approaching release of Rampage starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.