Roberto Firmino's Insane Celebration Against Hoffenheim Was Inspired By Ronaldinho

Roberto Firmino is one of the best celebrators in Europe. Not only does he have the most bookings for excessive celebration (seven) since 2012/2013, Firmino puts his creativity to good use when thinking up celebrations.

Check out this gem from Liverpool's win against Hoffenheim Tuesday:

Notts County’s Matt Tootle Just Wants To Know Why They Never Play Nightcrawlers Anymore

Notts County scores. Darkness falls and magic stirs as Matt Tootle becomes a creature of the night — a nightcrawler! But it looks like it’s time for an intervention with the rest of his teammates, because they just don’t look interested in joining Tootle for a quick game.

Nightcrawlers is just what it sounds like, it’s a game where you crawl around like worms in the night, mining minerals under the bed while using your imagination. Tootle clearly knows what’s up. 

Let's Be Honest, Christian Pulisic's Goal Celebration Could Use Some Work

Christian Pulisic may be The Truth, but someone needs to tell him the truth about his goal celebration. We can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing. Maybe someone else can, but we can't.

Before you get bent out of shape and start screaming at us, accusing us of being un-American, hold your horses. We know Christian Pulisic is great. We're with you. He's certainly one of the top American soccer players of all time. There's a chance he's the best American ever. Like, better than Abe Lincoln. Seriously, we feel you, @FearTheWall.