Apparently Mario Balotelli Had A Million-Pound Behavior Clause In His Liverpool Contract

Mario Balotelli's bad reputation reportedly netted him one of the sweeter contract bonuses we've heard of.

Reportedly, a series of documents released by Football Leaks shows Balotelli had a clause in his contract that entitled him to a £1 million bonus each season if he was not sent off three or more times.

Balotelli was not sent off during his first season at Liverpool and spent the second season on loan at AC Milan.

Adidas Debuts Women's Soccer Cleats With Cool Ad Featuring Becky Sauerbrunn

Adidas unveiled a women's soccer cleat earlier this week, which is a weird thing to say because we kind of figured they already had those. That is no excuse for our ignorance, though. We should have asked somebody.

(Seriously though, it took y'all until now to figure out that maybe women should have cleats that are actually, like, FOR women?)

The point is, there is a soccer cleat specifically for women and the commercial for it is very good and cool, and it features USWNT defender Becky Sauerbrunn.

Why Jurgen Klinsmann's Salary Made Firing Him Harder Than It Should Have Been

Jurgen Klinsmann is no longer the head coach of the United States Men's National Team. Most USMNT fans wanted Klinsmann out even before the debacle against Costa Rica, but most assumed Klinsmann's large buyout would keep him employed at least a little while longer.

Apparently the buyout wasn't big enough to keep Klinsmann around, but it was still a massive amount of money. No one seems to know the exact amount, but most, if not all, outlets feel safe in saying it was quite large.

A New Study Outlines The Positives Of Having Promotion And Relegation In US Soccer

A new study from Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world by revenue, has offered up some pretty obvious conclusions with regards to implementing a system of promotion and relegation in the American soccer pyramid, but it’s also provided one of the more realistic takes on the possible benefits and risks involved.

Four 24-Year-Old Hackers Brought Down By The FBI After Making $16 Million On FIFA

Nick Castellucci, Ricky Miller, Eaton Zveare and Anthony Clark, all 24, must’ve known things had gotten a little out of control when they began buying Audi A3s and Ford Explorers while their bank accounts showed that they’d become multi-millionaires.

One imagines the fright that Peter Gibbons, Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton felt in Office Space upon discovering a bug in their code that had inadvertently stolen way too much money from their company in only a few days.  

Barcelona Sign Second-Largest Shirt Sponsorship Deal Ever

Barcelona have signed a new shirt sponsorship deal with Rakuten, an electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo. The deal will pay Barca almost $60 million per year for four years, with the option of a one-year extension and even more money should certain bonus criteria be met.

Barcelona’s current deal with Qatar Airways, a partnership which began back in 2011, currently nets them around $35 million per year, but the Catalan side are now set to nearly double that yearly income with Rakuten as the primary sponsor.

It’s Official: There Will Be No Alcohol At The 2022 World Cup

While the focus has rightly been on corruption allegations in the bidding process, bribery, money laundering, forced labor, human rights abuses, the host country’s stance towards members of the LGBT community and climactic conditions resulting in a contentious decision to move the tournament to November and December, Qatari officials have come to another controversial decision by forbidding the consumption of alcohol “on the streets, squares and [in] public places” at the 2022 World Cup.