Columbus Owner Anthony Precourt Becoming Most Hated Man In MLS With Relocation Threat

There’s no end in sight for the drama surrounding the Columbus Crew, owner Anthony Precourt and the fans who’ve supported the club since it began as one of Major League Soccer’s ten charter clubs back in 1996. The ownership group, Precourt Sports Ventures LLC, released a statement on Tuesday outlining it’s vision for the franchise in the near future, triggering an intense round of accusations between all involved parties.

Fox Sports, Visa And Coca-Cola All Hit Hard By USMNT World Cup Failure

$400 million. That’s how much Fox Sports paid to wrestle the English-language World Cup broadcasting rights away from ESPN. That total includes both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, but Fox’s plans for the 2018 edition took a massive hit last night when the United States was eliminated from contention by Trinidad and Tobago, a country trumped in population numbers by Hawaii.

Who’s Making Greater Inroads, The EPL In America Or The NFL In Britain?

The National Football League returns to England on Sunday as the Baltimore Ravens face the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium, a now biannual feature as the league is desperate to gain British NFL fans. Meanwhile, soccer leagues across Europe are considering bringing regular-season games to the U.S.

It's Hard To Believe, But Chelsea Actually Spends Its Money Wisely

Since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in June 2003, the London club has been known as one of the more extravagant spenders in the transfer market. But since shelling out $70 million to Liverpool for Fernando Torres in January 2011, the Blues have been fairly conservative in the transfer market in stark contrast to the rest of England.

This isn’t to say the Blues have stopped spending — in fact they’re spending as much as they ever have — but in a market where everyone else is paying massive sums for every player, Chelsea’s transfer business has stayed relatively the same.

Cristiano Ronaldo Finds Something Harder Than His Abs, Immediately Endorses It

There’s nothing Cristiano Ronaldo loves more than himself. Who can blame him? He’s one of the best footballers in the world, looks like a more attractive version of Adonis and is the highest-paid athlete on the planet. 

So when Ronaldo was asked to sponsor a company that was presumably modeled after his chiseled abdomen, he jumped at the opportunity as he would at a teasing cross or being asked to take off his shirt.