Video: New FIFA 16 Commercial Stars Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero And ... Kobe Bryant

Last week, EA Sports released its new "Play Beautiful" commercial for FIFA 16 and, boy, is it a star-studded affair.

We could try to do justice to the ridiculousness of it by describing the celebrity players featured – Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Alex Morgan, Kobe Bryant to name a few – and stream-of-conscious flow of the action. But, instead, we'll just let you watch and bask in the awesome over-the-top-ness of it all.

How To Get Tickets To Premier League Games In London: An Inside Guide

Your flight to Heathrow is arranged. You have packed a primary umbrella, a backup umbrella and an emergency umbrella. You have your Oyster card ready to use on the Tube. Plans have been made to visit a proper chipper (fish and chip shop). I highly recommend Golden Union near Liberty of London. Fantastic! A trip to the British Museum is on the agenda. As are many visits to pubs.

Adidas Teases New Manchester United Kit On Vine

Last year, Manchester United and Adidas made waves when they announced a world-record kit deal, valued at a reported $1.3 billion over 10 years – $128 million per year to be precise. This came after a 13-year stretch with Nike as Manchester United's kit sponsor. That deal was worth an estimated $40 million per year, pittance compared to the new 10-year contract with Adidas.

So, what does $128 million per year buy Adidas in terms of brand visibility?

The Contentious Transfer History Between Real Madrid and Manchester United

Since 2003 Real Madrid and Manchester United have swapped six players between each other. The total value of those transfers? 167 million pounds.

The first of these incredible splurges? Fittingly a big one for passionate fans of United: David Beckham.

In July 2003, David Beckham completed his 25 million pound move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The circumstances leading up to the transfer make for an Old Trafford legend.

Study Names Raheem Sterling The Most Valuable Young Player In Europe

According to a study by former Barcelona Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Esteve Cazada, Raheem Sterling is the most valuable young player in Europe.

The study, conducted by Cazada's company, Soccerex, valued Sterling at 35 million pounds. Liverpool rejected a bid at that number from Manchester City recently.

PSG defender Marquinhos was second on the list, followed by Memphis Depay of Manchester United, Domenico Berardi of Sassuolo and Jose Maria Jimenez of Atletico Madrid.