These Goalkeeping Bloopers Will Make You Laugh Your Socks Off

Everybody loves goalkeepers. Except, of course, when they mess up and concede the stupidest goals. Recently, we have thought a lot about the things that make goalkeepers weird.

From strange training drills to incomprehensible attitudes, keepers have so many things that make them unique.

Leverkusen Coach Heiko Herrlich Hit With $14K Fine For Awful Sideline Dive

Bayer Leverkusen manager Heiko Herrlich has been hit with a fine approaching $14,500 after taking a comedy tumble during his side’s DFB-Pokal match against Borussia Monchengladbach on December 20. Bayer would win the game 1-0, but Herrlich apologized after the match for his hysterics following Denis Zakaria’s near-impingement on his personal space.

“That was stupid,” said Herrlich. “I’d like to apologize.”

Aleksandr Kokorin Missed The Type Of Chance That Gives Strikers Nightmares

Aleksandr Kokorin is too good a player to miss like this, but it could be argued that EVERY professional soccer player is too good a player to miss like this.

Kokorin is a Russian international and has played in Russia his whole professional career, so I would like to apologize in advance for the following joke, which as a professional soccer blogger I am contractually obligated to make:

You might say he missed the . . .

 . . . 

 . . . 


Why Would Anybody Ever Do This?

Wednesday’s Scottish Premiership match between second-place Aberdeen and third-place Rangers quickly descended into stereotypes about Scottish football after Aberdeen’s Greg Tansey just clattered Rangers midfielder Jason Holt in the box.

Tansey unloaded his flailing, spinning whiff with only seven minutes gone and was then shamefully (or mercifully) hooked in the 43rd minute. With the mighty Bhoys of Celtic dropping points against Motherwell, this could’ve been an excellent opportunity for Aberdeen to put some pressure on the pacesetters. Instead, this happened.

Thiago Messi Hilarity Causes Dad And Luis Suarez To Lose It During Golden Shoe Ceremony

Five-year-old Thiago Messi is obviously too young to understand that there’s nothing more serious than a football awards gala. That’s why FIFA and UEFA spend hours patting themselves on the back while dragging out an exercise that should really only take roughly 10-15 minutes. It’s a place for old men in expensive suits to enjoy upper, upper class high society, not general mirth.

The Best MLS Bloopers Of 2017 Video Will Start Your Weekend Off Right

What a wild ride the 2017 MLS regular season was. The league, for all its various shortcomings and absurdities, is incredibly exciting and ever-growing in quality. However, for all of its maturation and development, there’s still a brilliant charm to MLS that’s long since left Europe’s biggest leagues and the likes of the NFL, NBA and MLB. 

Watch The Most Hilarious Own Goals Of All-Time

Hilarious own goals are a tragedy for the player who scores them. It's arguably even worse for goalkeepers as they are the only players on the field allowed to use their hands. In spite of this, however, they sometimes manage to score the most remarkable, unexplainable own goals.

This week, 18-year-old Benfica goalkeeper Mile Svilar scored a really unfortunate own goal when the Eagles faced Manchester United in the Champions League.