Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski Has Thrown In The Towel And Gone Gray

Everyone ages. Aging is a necessary consequence of being alive, and should be accepted. That said, entire industries are propped up by folks looking to avoid aging. Footballers, with their combination of being rich, in the public eye all the time and having so many people fawn over them they inevitably become vain, are some of the most common indulgers in these industries.

Christian Pulisic Destroyed Arjen Robben With A Vicious Nutmeg

Borussia Dortmund lost to Bayern Munich in Der Klassiker Saturday, 3-1. However, that one for Dortmund was set up by intrepid American hero Christian Pulisic nutmegging Arjen Robben inside-out.

Javi Martinez Got His Halloween Started Early After Scoring vs. Celtic

Celtic Park was not a very spooky place this Halloween. At least not for the visitors. Bayern Munich's go-ahead goal in the 77th minute against Celtic in the Champions League Tuesday was slightly marred by goal-scorer Javi Martinez bleeding all over the place immediately afterwards.

Jupp Heynckes Could Learn From Ralph Wiggum About Nose Bleeds

There’s a little Ralph Wiggum in all of us. From the doofus who plays soccer with basketball shoes on to one of the best coaches in Europe, we can all relate to the rotund dimwit from The Simpsons from time to time. Jupp Heynckes should listen to the sage advice from one Ralph Wiggum: “My doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there.”

These 6 Important Players Could Have Club Hangovers After World Cup Failures

Whether you’re ready for it or not, club soccer is back. Following the recent international break, some players return to their clubs after achieving incredible success with their home country (Mohamed Salah, anyone?). Others return after suffering indelible defeats. These important six players could cost their teams points if they struggle to overcome heartbreak at the international level.