Barcelona Vs. Leeds Might Be The Dirtiest Match Ever

When we think of Barcelona, we think of the way they play and some of the greats that have donned the blue and red stripes — Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho and Johan Cruyff. But what you didn’t know was that once upon a time, Barça was a team full of savages and psychopaths (including Cruyff). Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but take a look at this video showing the European Cup (as it was known before it became the Champions League) semifinal match between Barcelona and Leeds United in 1975. 

Barcelona Bounces Back From UCL Setback, Sets LaLiga Record

Barcelona had a slight giant setback in the Champions League on Tuesday but the Blaugrana keep rolling in LaLiga. Luis Suarez scored for Barcelona vs Valencia in a 2-1 victory on Saturday at Camp Nou, with the home side setting a LaLiga record for 39 straight matches without defeat.

Luis Suarez Should Quit Soccer And Fulfill His Destiny As The Third Property Brother

Luis Suarez is having a time of it this season, and we think it might be time for him to try something new.

One goal in 10 Champions League appearances just isn't going to cut it for Barcelona (his record is much better in La Liga, to be fair), so Suarez should cut his losses now and retire from soccer to fulfill his destiny as the third property brother.

Tell me with a straight face Lucho shouldn't be sitting in a chair next to these two talking about how biting people affected his career in real estate. You can't.

Roma's Commentator Hilariously Screams His Head Off After Manolas Goal

Roma completed one of the biggest comebacks in Champions League history by overcoming a 4-1 deficit after the first leg in Barcelona. They advanced to the semifinals on away goals after winning the second leg 3-0. When Manolas headed in the game-winning goal everyone (except Barca fans) went crazy: the players, the coaches, the fans, but the best reaction came from Roma’s commentator. This man was screeching like a little kid who got Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

WTF Did Roma’s Twitter Feed Just Do?

AS Roma did it. The Giallorossi rallied from a three-goal, first-leg deficit to knock off Lionel Messi and Barcelona, 4-4 on aggregate on away goals. It was a thrilling win, with two players who scored own goals in the first leg making up for it with goals in the second leg. But perhaps more thrilling than the incredible comeback on Tuesday was the response from the AS Roma Twitter feed in the aftermath.