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Real Madrid's Transfer Ban Has Been Upheld By FIFA

Real Madrid and Atletico madrid were handed transfer bans (for the next two windows) related to the signing of youth players from foreign countries, and now FIFA has upheld those bans. Real and Atletico wil not be able to register new players until the January 2018 transfer window.

From a FIFA statement on the appeal rejection:

Who’s The Best Manager In The World? The Results Are In

As FourFourTwo set about compiling a list of the top 50 managers in world football, one of their resident experts, former Dutch international Pierre van Hooijdonk, revealed the difficulty in ranking such a role: “If you changed all the managers in the league for cats, there would still be a champion.

Playing Under Atletico Madrid's Diego Simeone Is Brutal

Digeo Simeone, the manager of Atletico Madrid, has summed up his coaching philosophy in one brief sentence: “Effort is non-negotiable.” 

Simeone puts so much emphasis on the collective at Atletico that he's forbidden small, divided tables during meals, forcing his squad to sit at one vast table "face to face". 

Juanfran Is So Sad About His Penalty Miss He Wrote A Letter To Atleti Fans About It

After missing the penalty that allowed Real Madrid to triumph over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final Saturday, Atletico fullback Juanfran was so sad he wrote an open letter to Atleti fans promising the future will be better.

(Side note: the moment when Juanfran ran over to the Atleti fans to beg forgiveness for the penalty miss and they gave him a standing ovation was beautiful.)

Here's the letter in full:

Hello Atléticos,