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Video Of Adama Traore’s Terrifying Pace Demands A Second Viewing

Adama Traore is soccer’s Usain Bolt. He’s a Bugatti. He’s Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s Jimmy John’s. He’s stupid fast and you won’t even see it coming.

In a match against Aston Villa recently, Middlesbrough’s Adama Traore won a foot race that he wasn’t even involved in. While two players chased after the ball like two pups playing with a chew toy, Adama blew both of them away — and it wasn’t even close. 

John Terry Transfer Gives Millennials and Baby Boomers Another Thing to Fight About

Summer is high-time for transfers and this might just be the most high-profile one yet. There's a lot to discuss in terms of the move itself — one of the biggest names in English football, John Terry, finishing out his career with Championship side Aston Villa.

However, much of the yesterday's buzz focused on the bizarre/unique/amusing way the club chose to deliver the news.

The Most Infamous Trophy Thefts In The History Of Football

Unless you're holding out in some kind of doomsday bunker, or just don't follow any sports other than soccer, odds are that you've heard of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey being stolen from the Patriots' locker room after the game.

It took a lot of investigation, including help from the FBI to find whoever was responsible for the theft, but Brady's jersey ended up being found down in Mexico. The culprit behind it appears to be Martin Mauricio Ortega, a director for the Diario La Prensa newspaper.

Aston Villa Chairman Dr. Tony Xia Is Doing Math On The Internet

It's unclear what Aston Villa chairman Dr. Tony Xia is a doctor of, but we think it might be math.

Xia, whose Twitter account is wildly entertaining and filled with optimistic projections for the future of his club (currently 13th in the Championship, but don't worry, Dr. Tony is on it), has been spouting off math problems in relation to the January transfer window lately.

Aston Villa Want David Wagner Even Though He Already Manages A Way Better Team

Aston Villa suck, and as such are in the market for a new manager who can (hopefully) make them not suck anymore. They appear to have their sights set on Huddersfield Town manager and Jurgen Klopp protege David Wagner.

The problem here is, again, Aston Villa suck, and Huddersfield Town, at least in the context of the Championship, do not suck. Huddersfield Town are in first place with 25 points. Villa are in 19th place with 10 points.

DeAndre Yedlin Unplayable In First Newcastle United League Start

Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez’s preference for the tactically astute Vernon Anita at right-back has made league minutes tough to come by for DeAndre Yedlin. However, a three-match suspension for Anita opened the door for the 23-year-old American.

Yedlin was preferred to the Spaniard Jesus Gamez on Saturday for Newcastle’s league encounter with Aston Villa. The American seized his opportunity with a man of the match display but was unfortunately subbed off due to an apparent ankle injury in the 73rd minute.