30 Footballers Who Are Animal Lovers At Heart

If there’s one thing people like more than football, it’s animals. Few can resist a cute pup, cuddly cat or rascally raccoon. OK maybe not so much the raccoon, but everyone definitely loves pictures of footballers with animals. 

Soccer players, just like the rest of us, love their pets — and animals in general. We love soccer players and animals, so we felt it prudent to compile a list of the 30 cutest pictures of footballers with animals.

Girl Gets Bored To Death At Sister’s Soccer Game, Unearths 65 Million-Year-Old Fossil

She’s here — the savior of American paleontology. A seven-year-old fossil hoarder of rare vision, technique and digging skills. Will the United States Women’s Paleontology National Team (USWPNT) win the 2032 Fossil-Finding World Cup? If Naomi Vaughan keeps up her recent form over the next 15 years, definitely.

Sorry, as a soccer website, it’s our responsibility to hype these sorts of things to an ungodly degree. 

This James Rodriguez Goal Is As Delicate As A German Shepherd Picking Up A Kitten By Its Head

James Rodriguez welcomed the Bundesliga back from its winter break with a sublime piece of accuracy, an exquisite free kick to cap off Bayern Munich’s 3-1 victory over Bayer Leverkusen on Friday. With the Munich holding a one-goal lead heading into stoppage time, the reigning German champions got a little bit of wiggle room thanks to the James Rodriguez free kick goal.