This Bear Apparently Predicts Confederations Cup Matches

Nika, a polar bear at a Russian zoo, has drawn comparisons to Paul the octopus, the German octopus that predicted Germany's matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, by predicting the winners of matches at the Confederations Cup. I feel very comfortable saying this is the first time a polar bear has ever drawn comparisons to an octopus. Here's a video about how Nika goes about doing football punditry:

Brazilian Soccer Player Kicks Snake Off Pitch And Into A Group Of Supporters

It doesn’t happen often in the world’s top leagues, but once in a while, our furry friends take part in the match. Animal sightings at Premier League, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga games are infrequent, but if we go further down the line of world’s vast array of leagues, we will find places where, more often than not, fans get to see animals invading pitches with more frequency than their human counterparts. 

15 Footballers Who Look Like Animals

Have you ever been told you look familiar? Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? Join the club, because it happens to the best of us. It’s common for people to look like a famous celebrity or someone’s long-lost cousin. But have you ever been told you look like an animal? It’s not something you hear often, but it's also not the most ridiculous comparison since we are animals after all! Take a look at 15 footballers that channel something other than human.