There’s No Danger Here, But Then There’s A Puskas Award Worthy Goal

This is what’s referred to, in the entertainment industry, as a slow burner. Kortrijk’s Elohim Rolland (in the Belgian First Division), is just shielding the ball from a defender near the midfield sideline. There’s clearly no danger here, and another defender jogs over to help end this nonsense.

Rolland is now casually shielding the ball from two defenders, and his teammates are probably getting a little pissed at how long he’s taking on the ball. But suddenly he springs into life! 

That Moment When Your Greatest Strike Is An Own Goal

The ball goes up, the ball comes down. It flys to Earth without a sound. You make the call, you bike the ball, but that’s because you never know where it will fall. 

A bicycle kick own goal as graceful as this deserves poetry — fine poetry. This is a pretty difficult philosophical question: if you could score a goal as great as this but it also had to be an own goal...would you? I think I would. I know I would.

37-Year-Old Ronaldinho Can Still Contort The Football Like A Warlock

FC Barcelona brought their brand to Beirut, Lebanon alongside Real Madrid, and Ronaldinho, wearing the blaugrana jersey for the first time since 2008, made sure that the club left that country well and truly globalized by the might of the Barca name.

Thousands of fans packed the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium to watch the likes of Ludovic Giuly, Simao Sabrosa, Gianluca Zambrotta, Edgar Davids, Roberto Carlos and Fernando Morientes try to overcome their aging bodies, but the star of the show was the Brazilian maestro.

Marta’s Best Goal Consisted Of Beating Five Players And Finishing With A Rabona

This is probably a somewhat contentious decision given that Marta, the five-time FIFA World Player of the Year, has scored over 100 goals for Brazil and over 300 in her club career, but personally, I think this is Marta’s finest hour.

She's had two short stints with Santos in Sao Paulo, and Marta scored this ridiculous solo goal during her time there. It’s extravagantly Brazilian.