This Commercial For The Messi Experience Park Is Definitely Something

The Messi Experience Park is scheduled to open in 2020. Beyond that, we cannot tell you anything because this commercial is vague.

Some takeaways from this video:

1. Messi.

2. This video definitely involves Messi.

3. The Messi Experience Park.

4. The Messi Experience Park is scheduled to open in 2020.

5. And that's it.

6. That's all there is.

7. That's all the information the video gave us.

8. We are still very much in the dark concerning the actual content of the Messi Experience Park.

9. There's no footage of anything resembling something that might eventually be an "Experience Park". There are some renderings! But nothing concrete, so to speak. The park might look like said renderings eventually. It might not.

10. We just know that there will be Messi.

11. Well probably not the real Messi, he won't live at the "Experience Park" or anything. He's probably got better things to do.

12. But the "Experience Park" will be ABOUT Messi, and that is the important part.

13. So, to recap: there is a thing about Messi.

14. Thank you for your time.

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