This Goal Would Earn You A Gold Medal At The X Games

Francesco Nicastro is blending the worlds of football and skateboarding like never before.

I have no clue what this is. Perugia’s Francesco Nicastro stuck this Christ Air aerial trick while playing a football match I guess. Why did he attempt to mirror the move invented by the great Christian Hosoi? I don’t know. Perhaps we’re seeing the birth of a new period in the sport where skateboarding and football meld together like never before, creating the kind of game that only FIFA Chief Officer for Technical Development Marco van Basten could appreciate.

Nicastro plays the game like we play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He’s a madman. Perhaps Nicastro was on a mission to collect the five letters to spell “SKATE” but only he can see them in his head. Perhaps he’d already landed enough tricks to fill his special meter, and this is the execution of his own particular signature move.

It’s just too bad that all goals count the same, because this would be worth thousands of points in the video game world. Perugia 8,237 — 0 Ternana. This sport might need some more work.

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