Neymar Rips Into Adrien Rabiot On Social Media, Confirming That PSG Will Never Live This Down

Neymar trolled Adrien Rabiot in turn after the PSG midfielder had taunted Barcelona on social media following the first leg.

Wednesday’s historic match between Barcelona and PSG has already entered footballing lore alongside Germany’s 7-1 destruction of Brazil and Portugal’s improbable victory over France. These are matches that, in today’s day and age, will always provide us with a good laugh and meme. PSG’s capitulation is now part of the comical DNA of the game.

Neymar’s already getting in on it. After Adrien Rabiot posted a selfie celebrating PSG’s 4-0 victory over Barcelona at the Parc des Princes, a match in which he looked like a freakish combination of Patrick Vieira and Zinedine Zidane, that now, of course, has come back to bite him in the ass. 

But it’s not just anonymous internet users that are having fun at Rabiot’s expense, it’s Wednesday’s best performer, Neymar, that’s putting the 21-year-old on blast.    

Neymar on Adrien Rabiot's Instagram

Neymar comments on Rabiot's Instagram. Photo: @CulturePSG | Twitter


Neymar's Snapchat Story

Neymar's Insta-story reverses the photo's meaning. Photo: @HazardVersion | Twitter

After attempting 55 passes, completing four dribbles, three tackles and going the whole match against Barca without being dispossessed in the first leg, it’s understandable that a 21-year-old might get overexcited. But he's also got to shoulder a lot of the blame for PSG's historic collapse.

In the return leg, Rabiot attempted 19 passes, completed one dribble and lost the ball four times while in possession. What a turnaround. 

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