Move Over Neymar, Liverpool’s James Milner Performed A Never-Before-Seen Skill

James Milner isn’t known for breaking out the party tricks, but his roll over in the EFL Cup would make Neymar jealous.

Using the sole of your boot, the roll over is a simple skill performed to create space, quickly vary the direction of your passing options or to take the ball around a defender's tackle. The likes of Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard can show you how it’s done on YouTube. 

But if you’re looking for a variant of the move, a sort of playground evolution to get people out of their seats and screaming “Holy s***! Did you see the tekkers on that young fella?”, then you’ll need to YouTube James Milner. 

That’s right, Boring James Milner. 

Against Southampton in the EFL Cup on Wednesday, James Milner performed a roll over WITH HIS FACE. And if you watch, it sends the defender completely the wrong way — he leaves his marker spinning in circles, perplexed by the guile of the crafty man from Leeds.

Of course, nobody wrote that James had ended the defenders career or that he should just be buried where he’s standing because Milner has only got a 77 dribbling rating on FIFA 17. It's lost on the meme generation. So I'll say it: 

RIP unknown Southampton defender, you just got Milner-Faced. 

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