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This Goalkeeper Drill Is Absolutely Unbelievable.

Fenerbahce has taken goalkeeping drills to a whole new level. We’re tired just watching.

In their latest attempt to intimidate the Turkish Premier League, Fenerbahce have released video of their keepers performing superhuman feats of gymnastics and goalkeeping AT THE SAME TIME!

This is just about one of the most tiring thing we have ever seen. I can feel my thighs starting to burn just watching.  


Somewhere, Neuer is sitting back in an oversized, dark leather chair laughing at this display of athleticism, or he would be if he wasn’t so busy making himself the best goalkeeper in the world.

I imagine that Neuer pulled off this drill as he exited the womb, after which the German National Team immediately whisked him away to a top secret training facility. 

I’m just sayin’. 

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