Partick Thistle Midfielder Ryan Edwards Does Not Star In MTV's "Teen Mom"

Partick Thistle have an Australian midfielder named Ryan Edwards. MTV's "Teen Mom" stars a person named Ryan Edwards. They are not the same person.

Ryan Edwards is a 23-year-old Australian central midfielder who plays for Partick Thistle in the Scottish Premiership and looks like he would be a dynamite extra in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ryan Edwards is a person who is/was on MTV's Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG and is the ex-boyfriend of someone named "Maci" and the father of someone named "Bentley".

These two people, both named "Ryan Edwards", are not the same person. We just want to make that perfectly clear.

(Brief editorial: you should never, under any circumstances, name your children after a car brand. Or any kind of brand, for that matter.)

So, if you Partick Thistle fans were trying to google your club's Australian central midfielder and a bunch of Teen Mom OG recaps came up, do not be alarmed, for they are not the same person. 

Similarly, if you are a fan of Teen Mom OG and your Internet stalking of Ryan Edwards, Maci's ex-boyfriend, turned up a lot of information about a soccer player, you have not uncovered any sort of "secret past" of Ryan's. The footballer is a different Ryan Edwards altogether.

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