Your Work Week Presented By Lionel Messi

The emotions of your week summed up by one of the world's greatest players.

As the weekend gets closer, life gets better. The anticipation kills us as we wait for the end of the week. It might be a struggle every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but once Thursday hits it's all downhill. Take a look at the many emotions of the work week brought to you by the one and only Lionel Messi. 


Here we go again...


Tuesday comin' in hot





Thirsty Thurs


Leaving work like


Friday Night

Let's get loud, let's get loud turn the music up to hear that sound.


Waking up not hungover

Saturday Night
Messi Drunk

Messi Drunk

@heyonces |Twitter

*relies on friend to carry me to my bed*


Sunday not so fun day


Sunday Night

I'm NEVER going out again (*does it all again the following weekend*)

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