This Tribute To The Worst Goals Of The Season Is Pathetic And Hilarious

In a two part video documenting the worst goals of the season, we see how low professional football really can go.

Another season is about to end, and while some people may want to remember all the great things that have happened this year, some people clearly want to bask in the s***. The shameful, shambolic, embarrassing, down right bone-headed s***. I am talking about the worst goals of the season, of course. 

Masochistic Reddit user Meladroit (a fitting user name if I’ve ever seen one) took it upon himself to compile not one, but two worst goals of the season videos. They're entirely pathetic but mainly hilarious. 

Worst Goals of the Season Part I


Worst Goals of the Season Part II

I’m actually astonished that there were so many terrible goals this year, but I guess that just goes to show you how popular soccer really is: you couldn’t have so many improbably bad goals without a lot, and I mean a lot, of soccer being played.

Now, no one needs to muck around with this s*** for too long. Let’s go watch some good football, thank god the Champions League is on. Not that we expect anyone to score on Atletico Madrid, s*** goal or otherwise. Diego Simeone just wouldn't stand for that. 

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