He Scored From 70 Yards Out. You Can Hear His Scream Of Joy From A Lot Farther

We didn’t know someone could laugh as loud as Gael Clichy does after this long-range goal.

You know a goal was ridiculous when the player who scored it celebrates by screaming like he just pranked his entire team. It’s simple logic, and it goes without saying that this Gael Clichy training goal is my case in point.

#goals #mcfc after 10-20 maybe 30 tries I finally scored this one #screamer #or #not?

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I don’t even care that I really can’t tell if it’s Clichy screaming or not. You don’t have to be a bat to be able to tell that the distant screaming laugh in the video is coming from the training ground. 

I wish I could have been there to know for sure, but I’ll settle for the knowledge that a grown man (maybe not Clichy) making millions of dollars has no qualms with laughing like that.

Gael Clichy training goal

Imagine if Kolo screamed like that. Photo: @mancitynews2day | Twitter

As you might have already read, Clichy says in the caption of this video that he had tried to score such a goal 20 or 30 times. This probably explains why there was only one celebratory screaming laugh, and not 22: the rest of the team was probably too sick of Clichy’s s*** to join in on the fun.

Too bad for them. 

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